Citizen Jane Film Festival Opens October 4th

The 6th Annual Citizen Jane Film Festival returns to Columbia October 4-6. Film Festival passes and tickets go on sale September 15th. Film schedule and ticket information at Festival Genius.

From the Festival blog, the Opening Night film…

I’m so excited about opening night film at CJFF this year I can’t stand it. Maidentrip is the perfect film to kick off Citizen Jane in our 6th year and for our community to experience together on the big screen of the majestic Missouri Theatre. Since so much of the mission of Citizen Jane is to show an alternative world where women in front of the camera are more than eye candy or lame plot points, this film fits the bill and then some. And although you really can’t get more land-locked than Columbia, Missouri, the documentary Maidentrip is about so much more than sailing and a reminder that we are all at the helms our own ship so to speak. A beautiful and provocative coming-of-age film about youth, independence, and exploration, I hope it will leave you wanting to explore the world as much as it did me. And I also really appreciate the understated approach of the filmmaker Jillian Schlesinger. She follows 14-year-old Laura Decker’s journey around the world while mostly showing the quietness and peace of a rather typical days in her life. And it’s a reminder that we should never underestimate anyone, and certainly a young woman. Read more

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